Primary challenges (ages 5-11)

Typically completed by 5-11 year olds, CREST Star and SuperStar challenges relate to everyday experiences. Children complete eight activities to gain a CREST Award, with each activity taking between 45 minutes and one hour to complete.

The activities are designed to be easy-to-run and low-cost. You don’t need to be a teacher, have a science background or have access to specialist equipment to run them. The packs contain helpful hints and tips for you to use, explaining the scientific themes and offering guidance on conversation topics for your children.

There are more CREST approved resources that have been developed by our partners and providers specific to your region.

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The activities in this pack have been selected from our library of CREST SuperStar challenges. Children need to complete eight challenges to achieve a CREST SuperStar Award. If you want, you can mix and match challenges from different packs, as long as children complete eight SuperStar challenges. This resource is published under an Attribution - non-commercial - no derivatives 4.0 International creative commons licence (

Outdoor Gym R GYM

Outdoor Gym R GYM Activity Card You’ve been sent a letter: Dear Investigators, Not enough people are keeping fit in our towns, so we would like your help to do something about it. We need you to think of great ways for people of all ages to exercise outdoors. For example, they could do leg lifts sitting on a park bench. We bet you have lots more ideas! You could make a guide called ‘Outdoors and Active’ to help them. Looking forward to seeing your ideas. B. Fitt B Fitt Your challenge Come up with some great exercise ideas using parts of your local area to create an outdoor gym.

Discuss You could find out: What kind of exercises do people like to do? Which muscles are used in different activities? What things can you do to improve your stamina? Go outside and explore your local area. What do you see? What could be used to do exercises? Don’t forget that lots of the things we do every day are great exercise. Make a list of all the different activities you can do outside. OUTDOOR GYM How can you make sure they are done safely? Try out some of your ideas OUTDOOR GYM Getting started Some of your fellow investigators have come up with a few ideas to get you started: You’ll need: Camera to record ideas for your outdoor gym Pencils and paper to write down ideas Computer and books for researching ideas Why not record your thoughts and findings in a grid like this? What we can use in our outdoor gym Type of exercise we can do How it helps to keep us fit You could also start with a survey like this one: Ask people what they think about your ideas for an outdoor gym. Here are some questions to help you. Which ideas for an outdoor gym look most interesting? Which exercises do you think could be improved? Can you think of any more things we could use as part of our outdoor gym? What other questions can you ask? Some fellow investigators have had a few ideas to help you along We could sit on a bench to do leg lifts. We could use a step for doing step-ups. We could use the outside edge of the play area as a running track. We could use the lines on the paving stones for doing long strides. We could get someone to paint hop-scotch and other jumping and hopping games on the playground We could try digging in the garden. What do you think?

Star level

Collections of one hour challenges recommended for children aged 5-7 years that relate to children’s everyday experiences. Find out more about this level and how to gain a CREST Award on the CREST Star page.

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SuperStar level

Collections of one hour challenges recommended for children aged 7-11 years that realate to broader situations that children are likely to have come across. Find out more about this level and how to gain a CREST Award on the CREST SuperStar page.

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