Primary challenges (ages 5-11)

Typically completed by 5-11 year olds, CREST Star and SuperStar challenges relate to everyday experiences. Children complete eight activities to gain a CREST Award, with each activity taking between 45 minutes and one hour to complete.

The activities are designed to be easy-to-run and low-cost. You don’t need to be a teacher, have a science background or have access to specialist equipment to run them. The packs contain helpful hints and tips for you to use, explaining the scientific themes and offering guidance on conversation topics for your children.

There are more CREST approved resources that have been developed by our partners and providers specific to your region.

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SuperStar On a Shoestring

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TUMBLING TOAST Tumbling Toast TUMBLING TOAST Activity Card Startown’s Mayor, Councillor Imin A Quandary, is calling on all children to settle a dispute she is having with her secretary, Dayley Diary. “You see, I’m always in a hurry so only have time for a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast. But every day I manage to drop a piece off my plate and onto the floor. The toast always seems to land butter-side down! It is such a nuisance. Dayley tells me it’s just Murphy’s Law – if something can go wrong, it will go wrong - but I think there’s a reason. What do you think? Does toast always land butter-side down? Can you help me?” Your challenge Help Mayor Quandary to find out if toast really does always land butter-side down. Is there anything you can do that makes a difference to which way it falls? Discuss Have you ever dropped toast? Which way did it fall? Have you heard of Murphy’s Law about toast? Do you think that you could find a way to test it? 42

Getting started Start by finding out what happens when you drop buttered and non-buttered toast. Then try other ideas. Don’t forget to try to keep your test fair. You may need to do each test lots of times. Will you need to record anything? TUMBLING TOAST Test your ideas People normally drop toast off a plate. Does the height make a difference? What if it is a very small piece? What if you put anything else on the toast? What will happen without butter? Think about your investigation and then get toasting. Share your ideas Compare your ideas with other groups. Did you all get the same answer? What advice would you give to Mayor Quandary? You could write her a letter. Extra things to do Find out about other people who have tested toast. Did they get the same answer as you? Find out about other sayings such as ‘Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight’, ‘Soaking conkers in vinegar makes them stronger’, and ‘Putting the milk in first is better when you make a cup of tea’ etc. Try testing some of them. British Science Association Registered Charity No. 212479 and SC039236 43

Star level

Collections of one hour challenges recommended for children aged 5-7 years that relate to children’s everyday experiences. Find out more about this level and how to gain a CREST Award on the CREST Star page.

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SuperStar level

Collections of one hour challenges recommended for children aged 7-11 years that realate to broader situations that children are likely to have come across. Find out more about this level and how to gain a CREST Award on the CREST SuperStar page.

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